Jaber problems

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[should read JABBER problems, sorry]

Hi there,

It's a long shot but I'm wondering if anyone can help me. Our company has a Jabber server set up to work in and outside their firewall. Everyone seems to be able to connect okay except me... I'm on a Mac. \

Jabber shouldn't need too much setting up. I've been given all the details (hostname, username, password, port 5222 which is the usual port). I've tried connecting using iChat, Adium and JabberFoX. None of them seem to be able to manage it!

Am I missing something? Could I be having a firewall issue? Why do PCs work but Macs don't?



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    jowie74jowie74 Posts: 540member
    Another quick note - I was wondering if I can do some telnet tests to find out what's going on... And so I did so through Terminal. Strange thing is, when I did:


    telnet jabber.atticmedia.com 5222

    it says:



    A local IP adddress? Huh?
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