Forgive me Steve for I have sinned-LG Dare

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So I decided to purchase a new cellphone today. In California the new law requiring hands-free has been in effect for a few days and since I needed one I wandered into the Verizon store. My current cellphone, a Motorola V3m has been very good and not given me any problems however the battery in it is 2 years old and was starting to have issues. I was having to charge it daily.

So I've been with Verizon since 2000 and really don't have the option of leaving them. They have perfect coverage where I live and all the other carriers have crap coverage. My friend had purchased an iPhone, brought it home, made a call from his living room and I asked him to roll up his window so I could hear him. He said he wasn't in the car and instead was in his living room so needless to say, it went back after several more attempts at calls which all yielded similar results. Over the years pretty much everyone I know has moved to Verizon where I live since they like being able to make and receive phone calls on their phones.

So Verizon has attempted to take on the iPhone several times already. They had the LG Voyager, and the Samsung Glyde both which had failed pretty miserably. This LG Dare is pretty darn close in my opinion. The screen is clearly not multi-touch but it is very sensitive and does a good job. The pluses are the camera and video which are 3.2 mp and 640x480 respectively. The included email client is pretty crappy. The browser is tolerable. Unlimited data is $15 a month which doesn't suck.

I wouldn't have minded the iPhone but the only phone I keep is cell and that means no questionable service. The option of being able to change out a battery, memory card and so forth probably isn't a terrible thing. I know it has stereo bluetooth ability and can take standard headphones as well.

So anyway... I have sinned... I bought a non-Apple phone. It may be less cool but how cool could I really be standing in the driveway to take or make a call anyway thanks to reception issues?


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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    The iLeader forgives all your transgressions. Peace be with you. When you are ready to enter the light, we will welcome you with open arms... As long as your wallet is also open...
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    Do thirty hail iMacs and all will be forgiven.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 30,860member
    Heretic! Burn him alive!
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    trumptmantrumptman Posts: 16,454member
    So I am 11 days into owning this thing and while it isn't a 'smart'phone it is a darn good feature phone. The touch screen is very good. Reception is the best I have ever had in a cellphone, the earpiece volume, ringer, etc. are all loud. The high speed/slow-motion movies are a ton of fun. I kept having my kids jump off the diving board just so I could run it back in slow-motion.

    I'm on my third charge and will probably plug it in tonight. That means I have been going 3-4 days between charges which I consider absolutely awesome. The area we were camping in has very low coverage and the phone typically eats the battery profoundly fast since it has one bar and clearly is using full power to get that. I leave bluetooth on all the time as well. There is no wi-fi but I get unlimited access to data on the Verizon network with a full HTML browser for $15 a month.

    I've very happy and if you try to burn me alive but I'll just go to an area with no coveerage by AT&T (almost everywhere out where I live) and leave you totally helpless.
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    zinfellazinfella Posts: 875member

    "Forgive me Steve for I have sinned-LG Dare"

    Wizard, come now!!!!
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    Trumptman, I agree with you. I'd sure like an iPhone but am a very satisfied Verizon customer, coming over from the absolutely poor service of AT&T about 4 years ago. Rather than get the Dare or something like it, I think I'll stick with my regular cellphone and then get an Touch iPod the next time it's refreshed to get the extra features like wifi, email and web browsing.
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