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Ok, so yesterday I bought Leopard and Time Capsule.

Last night at about 11 PM I started my initial backup of my hard drive. I had read that the first time could take a looong time so I was prepared to wait. 24 hours later, I am sitting here extremely frustrated.

I had, quite literally, 2 GB to go before the initial backup was done. All of a sudden, no reason at all, the status light on Time Capsule went from green to flashing amber. The backup automatically quit.

I opened Airport Utility, and it could not detect my Time Capsule. So I unplugged, plugged back in, and the green light came back on. Everything was fine. I opened up Time Machine and initiated a backup to see if it had stored all of my files. Well, sure enough, it says that I had used up the same amount of GB on my hard drive as on the Time Capsule (minus the 2 GB of course). Yet, the backup is re-doing every file and is going the same speed it was all day.

Did I miss something with how these backups work - does anyone know what happened? Thank you.


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    There are dozens of posts on Apple support site with similar issues. Do your first backup while plugged into the TC. There are a lot of devices that can interfere with a wireless signal (microwave, cordless phones, etc).

    Apple has also released an update for TC just this past week for "bug fixes" so make sure you do that before anything
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    I have two Macbooks and we had to send the first Time Capsule back because of problems. I would do the initial back up with the computers connected via Ethernet cable one at a time and then when it started to do a back up all the Time Capsule would do is say "Preparing." This would go on for over an hour and then it would say back up failed or something like that. We spent about three days on the phone with applecare and they even called engineering to try to figure it out. At one point they were blaming our computers. They finally agreed to send us a new Time Capsule and this one works flawlessly. I have heard of many of the same problems. It seems that they rushed Time Capsule to market or something. I have never had that many problems with an Apple product. Even a first generation product. Good luck!!

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    may you good luck !
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