I-book power jack problem

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Over the 3 years I've had my I-book I've tripped on the power cord too many times to count. Now I'm noticing that the little charging indicator light in the plug that goes into the power port sometimes blinks. If I fiddle with it I can get it to stop blinking, but there's some play that shouldn't be there. What's interesting is the charging indicator on the screen's upper right shows power is still coming to the computer, even when the light has momentarily flickered out on the plug . That makes me think the problem is the adapter plug rather than the power port.

I then found a website that posted people's fixes. The link here take you to surgery on a Ibook power jack: http://repair4laptop.org/contrib/app...ug_repair.html. Check it out; it's pretty funny and also enlightening. No wonder Apple equipment is so expensive: there's even a tiny circuit board inside the plug. I don't have the skills to do this kind of surgery, and am not about to risk wrecking a functioning charger to repair a flickering charging light.

I imagine if I went to Apple or an Apple tech shop they;d sell me a replacement power charger. I'm wondering what others would do here, and whether I could damage the Ibook by doing nothing.


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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    If it is flickering a lot and you have to meddle with it everytime, then I suggest you just get a replacement power adapter.

    It is probably just the power adapter, not the iBook power slot.

    So good luck, and talk to your Apple reseller about a replacement power adapter and that should solve the annoying problems.
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