Jawbone VS Apple Bluetooth Headset; tell me what to do!

in iPhone edited January 2014
Hello All,

I realise this has been discussed on the forums ad nauseam before. However, with the imminent release of the 3g iPhone the stakes are different. Apple doesn't provide a dock so I'll almost certainly be buying one. The Apple headset is, by all account, inferior but does come with a dock so that's $50 I'll be saving (is this what they cost?). However, the jawbone is a better device. So, what to do? The idea of having two docks galls me a little so I'm leaning toward the apple headset. Is it really that awful? Were these teething problems; i.e. has the manufacturing got better?

What is the range on your Apple headsets? I'd like to have the iPhone in another room docked and charging and still be able to answer the phone on my headset. Is this possible?

Appreciate your input.



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