Jawbone VS Apple Bluetooth Headset; tell me what to do!

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Hello All,

I realise this has been discussed on the forums ad nauseam before. However, with the imminent release of the 3g iPhone the stakes are different. Apple doesn't provide a dock so I'll almost certainly be buying one. The Apple headset is, by all account, inferior but does come with a dock so that's $50 I'll be saving (is this what they cost?). However, the jawbone is a better device. So, what to do? The idea of having two docks galls me a little so I'm leaning toward the apple headset. Is it really that awful? Were these teething problems; i.e. has the manufacturing got better?

What is the range on your Apple headsets? I'd like to have the iPhone in another room docked and charging and still be able to answer the phone on my headset. Is this possible?

Appreciate your input.



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    we should provide the top headsets and car kits as a review, this can start hear.

    does apple have noise cancelation as good or better than jawbone or the plantronics voyager?

    noise AND wind reduction

    my blueant carkit is very nice and has awesome battery life.

    so far i have not seen any reviews of the apple headset

    my readings tell me the

    jawbone ll maybe tops

    plantronics voyager next or close as per cnet

    i'm not changing my headset till near Christmas, when new models come out


    doesn't have noise cancellation but 80 bucks of acessories


    by these reviews the jawbone is better

    but it's the real world that counts

    here is a good review of several



    from this apple isn't very good, the jawbone ll and plantronics etc are better read the cnet reviews and videos

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    Thanks for all the info!

    Does anyone here own an apple bt headset?
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    Originally Posted by james948 View Post

    Thanks for all the info!

    Does anyone here own an apple bt headset?

    not after reading the reviews, but it does come with with nifty stuff that would cost extra.
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    That's my point I suppose. I will be buying a dock anyway ...
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