What Is This Worth?

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just wondering what this might be worth? it was a project i was working on and i think i am going to be moving on to another and i am thinking of selling it.

- G4 Power Mac Sawtooth

- OWC Mercury Extreme 1.5GHZ 2MB L3 Cache Processor (1 week old)

- 896MB SDRAM (3 PC133 and 1 PC100 sticks)

- HP DVD640 Dual Layer 16X DVD LightScribe Burner

- Linksys WMP54G Wireless G and 10/100 Ethernet as well as modem

- 128MB ATI Radeon 9800 Pro AGP video card

- 60GB (OS Installed) and 140GB (Storage) 7200 HDD's

- 2 X USB2 and 1 Firewire 400 Port(s) on the front (removed zip drive and added these) there is also the ability to add Audio In/Out and Serial to this area. see picture below.

- 3 x USB2, 2 X USB1, 2 X Firewire 400 Ports on the back

- Leopard, Toast, iWork, iLife (minus iMovie),

here is a picture of the front where i added some useful ports:



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    zinfellazinfella Posts: 877member
    It's worth whatever anyone is willing to pay for it. I know that sounds cryptic, but you have a Frankenstein machine, from a few generations ago, that is all but impossible to put a value on.
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