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Hey there...

Does anyone have the skinny on the return policy for the iPhone? I'm afraid of a shoddy signal from ATT at home and want to know about service cancelation and equipment return. Interestingly, I found this on ATT's website:


Apple Branded Equipment

All sales of original iPhone and refurbished iPhone after July 1, 2008 are final and cannot be returned for any reason. Original iPhone is covered by Apple warranty. AT&T will not accept returns for items purchased at Apple stores or at Apple.com. iPhone is not eligible for the Wireless Insurance program. Purchase of original iPhone will not impact upgrade eligibility.

Any ideas/news/info would be much appreciated.


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    That sale policy is for the 'original' iPhone--the one that has been virtually sold out for a month. The 3g iPhone has AT&T's standard 30 day return policy with no restocking fee; provided the phone is returned in like-new condition, with all original accessories and packaging.
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