Logic Studio vs. Logic Express

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hey folks,

I?ve been making rough recordings of my music for a long time using a basic mixer and extremely simple software. (An ancient version of tracktion)

But now I?m ready to start doing full-blown studio productions of my work. Yet as a penny-pinching university student, there is no way in hell I?m going to pay for studio time/mixing. So I?m going to get professional software and do it myself.

I?ve read the reviews, I?ve looked over the options, and it looks like Apple Logic software is going to get my business. So now it comes down to whether I want Logic Express or Logic Studio.

What it will be used for:

-Studio-quality recording

-Studio-quality mixing

-Various instrumentation using a midi controller

What it will NOT be used for:

-Live performances

-Video/music applications

-Use/manipulation of pre-made samples

Obviously, it looks like Express would be a better fit for me as Studio has a whole bunch of bells and whistles I won?t use and an extra $300. But I wanted to confirm this by asking a few questions:

-Do Logic Studio and Logic Express use the exact same recording and mixing software? (Logic Pro 8) I do not want invest in Express only to find out I need to upgrade to get a better sound/mix. And I am aware that they don?t support 32-bit mixing, that?s a non-issue.

-Is there any way to download or purchase certain Logic Studio plugins for Logic Express? Specifically I wanted to get the ?vintage instruments? and ?sculpture? plugins from Studio. (Gotta love that Clavinet!)

-If the above answer is a ?no?. How easy is it to add third-party applications to Logic software? I know they are supported; but is it a big ordeal?

Thank you for your time. I appreciate all responses.


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