Keep that MacBook cool!

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I am a big-time gamer and I recently bought a MacBook where I am doing most of my gaming. I play World of Warcraft on my machine pretty much every day. This was causing my MacBook to get incredibly HOT and also caused the fan to spin like crazy. I looked around a bit and decided to buy the Zefyr from Moshi since I already had their MacBook case, the Codex, and have been really happy with it. I have to say I am really impressed with the Zefyr MacBook cooler. My fan doesn't spin any longer when I'm gaming and you can honestly feel the difference in temperature. Any other hard-core gamers or video / photo editors out there might want to take a look at this!


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    nice link ,thanks for sharing
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    mr fishmr fish Posts: 31member
    Like the iMac, the Macbook has a vent in the back where the heat escapes.

    The bottom has no ventilation holes.

    I tried using some wooden boards below my Macbook to see if that helps - not entirely certain if it does help, but my desk does not feel hot.
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