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An annoying little thing, anyone any ideas - running latest software on an iMac G5, syncing iPhone through latest version of iTunes. For some reason, when I sync the phone to upload 'one most recent unplayed' episode of a TV series, the iPhone always picks the last one ie. season 1 episode 6 (0106) will always be picked rather than episode 1 (0101). It's like it's running upside down! All the details of the files are correct so I'm a bit bewildered


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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    iTunes is basing 'most recent' by the Date Added to the library. Sounds like 0106 was added after 0101--and that makes sense to me, since 0106 is the most recent unwatched episode. I think you're looking for an 'oldest unwatched episode' option, which doesn't exist without making a smart playlist for it.
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    stanstan Posts: 32member
    iTunes is basing 'most recent' by the Date Added to the library.

    Can this be altered in the preferences or another way? Inevitably, when a download is completed, episode 1 is added first, and the last episode last. It seems a bit odd that iTunes would automatically choose the last one first. Can the episodes not be chosen by the series number or such like?!!
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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    In iTunes 7.7, there is now a 'Least Recent Unwatched' option as well, though, it's still based on the date added.
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    I had a similar problem. ITunes adds shows alphabetically and then used the date added to determine what the most/least recent show is. The alternative is to add the shows in the order they were aired. I used the following scripts and actions to semi-automate the task of re-importing my shows in broadcast order:

    1) Download "Track Names With Incremented Number v1.0"

    2) Add an incremental number before each episode ([#] name) — Make sure the files are ordered by track or episode number.

    3) Download "Rename Files v1.2.1"

    4) Rename the tracks so they now include the incremental number in front of them.

    5) Delete the tracks from iTunes

    6) From the finder, drag the files back into iTunes and re-import them.

    7) Download "Remove n Characters From Front or Back v3.0"

    8) Remove the incremental numbers from the front of the track names.

    9) Run "Rename Files v1.2.1" again to revert the file names back to there original names before adding the incremental number.
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