3G Building Penetration??

in iPhone edited January 2014
I went down to the local Apple store and managed to get in without having to stand in the HUGE line going around the corner since I wasnt buying a phone. While looking around I managed to play with a 3G phone. Pretty nice off hand, but then I noticed that while all the phones were active (had ATT logo, 4-5 signal bars and Edge service) NONE had 3G signal. I grabbed a couple of the demos and checked the network settings and they all had the enable 3G toggle turned on. On my way back to work I stopped at an ATT store where there was NO line and plenty of phones and all the demos had 3G signal.

So this brings up a question of how good 3G building penetration/3G reception is? It would be silly to stand in line and drop some more cash on a phone whose 3G abilities can only be used outdoors or next to a window... Anyone have any feedback or technical know how well the 3G network can be used in buildings??

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