MobileMe push frequency

in iPhone edited January 2014
When Apple demoed the new "push" features of MobileMe, the time it took for a change on one device to make its way to the other synced devices was just a matter of a few seconds. It was said in the demo that it "was just that fast". I have MobileMe set up and the time it takes for a change to make its way to other devices is anything but fast - maybe 10 to 20 minutes.

Is this likely due to the launch related problems or is this what I can expect going forward? I'd think its related to the launch of MobileMe but wanted to get some more opinions.


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    I don't know if it's part of the problem or not.... but... I'd be willing to give them a couple days to work through these problems then see if it speeds up. If things aren't running at normal speeds (including new phone activation) by Monday, they'll have a hard time convincing me it was a simple "server crash".

    After all the hype, I'll expect the "push" changes to happen in a minute or two AT MOST.
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