Help! Upgrade to 10.5.4 wont mount

in macOS edited January 2014

I hope this question was not answered before, I searched but couldn't find an appropriate thread.

Problem: currently running 10.5.1, skype crashes all the time as soon as I try to call or IM. Same for YHOO msgr. Very strange... so I thought I go for an upgrade and downloaded the last update to 10.5.4 (560MB). As soon as I try to install the file the updater gets stuck in the first window (configuring installation).

I left it alone because I thought it might needs some more time (Powerbook G4.1.5, 12"). Nope, after 3 hours still no moving along for the bar and I just end up shutting the machine down via the power button.

It's frustrating. I really would love to use skype and the other msgrs again, get the upgrade to work.

Any idea how to fix this? Download the patch again? I don't even know where the already downloaded patch sits, if I can't install it I will certainly like to delete the 560MB.



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    tomwebatomweba Posts: 2member
    It's a freaky thing. I updated many times before but never experianced something like this. And I have a feeling the Powerbook G4 is not able to take the spin. What machine are you working on...?

    Let's hope somebody has a clever explanation for us.
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    mdriftmeyermdriftmeyer Posts: 7,233member
    What stops you from doing the combo update to 10.5.3 and then doing to update to 10.5.4?
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