Two initial situations

in iPhone edited January 2014
Sorry for all the questions straight out the gate

1. Twice when I have plugged in the "stereo headset" during a phone call the call immediately disconnected. Is this normal or a software flaw? If it is normal, is it something I can turn off?

2. I was on the AT&T Wireless website setting up my account and about twenty minutes after I was done making changes I got another text from them indicating a change... It reads

"Your profile for wireless number ending in [Last 4 digits of my phone number] has been updated with changes made recently.

- Mobile level email address"

What is the mobile level email address? Where do I find that? I'm assuming it's different than my email settings, because I received a different email to confirm that. So what is it, where is it, why does it matter?

Thanks for your patience as I get used to all this. I'll do my best to contribute help in return as I get things figured out.
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