Two problems I'm having with OS X

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I just switched to OS X early this morning, and it runs better than I expected on my computer. It's so much better than OS 9!

Well, to get to the point, I've had two problems with it. The first is with my hard drive icons. I want to replace the standard ones with a couple of new ones I just got. I went into the "get info" window, copied the icon, and pasted it into the icon box for my drive. At first it worked, but when I wanted to change it, the icon just disappeared and all I could do was press command-X so the standard icon appeared. I was just getting around to posting when I tried pressing command-N to get that network + drives window, and I pasted the icon in there. It worked again, but it pooped out again when I tried to change it. How do I have it so I can put an icon in for however long I want to and change it if I want?

My second problem involves OmniWeb and SpeedDownload. I got a trial of SpeedDownload to test it out, realized that it slows me down more because it's complicated, and I deleted it. But now whenever I click on a link that should download a file, it instead comes up with an almost blank window that merely says that the URL has been sent to SpeedDownload to start downloading (even though I no longer have SpeedDownload and I've removed everything relating to it).


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    First; It sounds like you bumped into a bug in OS X. Wait for Jaguar, it may fix it.

    Second; Instead of just deleting SpeedDownload, which is a type of utility that I would never suggest using, look to see if there is an unistaller for it. If it used the standard dmg install then just run the installer, and it should have an unistall option on it. If that doesn't fix it, you'll have to get some support from whoever wrote the program.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Thanks. I just downloaded it again and used the uninstaller app. Now I can download fine.
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