Reappearing iPhone WebApp: It Won't Go Away!

in iPhone edited January 2014
BACKGROUND: For the past few months I have not been able to figure out how to get rid of my Facebook WebApp on my iPhone. Everytime I delete it it appears again if I turn my phone off/on or sync it to iTunes. I was using 1.4.4 then have since upgraded to 2.0 and I thought my problem may be solved, it wasn't. I then formatted my phone with the new feature included in 2.0. The WebApp crept back once again! My only thought is that it is saved on my "profile" for the iPhone on my computer within iTunes. My fear is that if I format my phone again set up a new "profile" that I will lose alot of important data in Notes and other programs since you can't edit/cut/paste that stuff for entry later.

QUESTIONS: Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Is there a way to go into the file on my computer and "tell it" not to keep putting the Facebook WebApp on my phone?
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