:???: Powerbook G4 Won't Turn On

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I'm wondering if can get some help. I've tried resetting the PMU...I was able to get a chime, and the screen came on for a second. I had my firewire cable plugged into it, but I noticed that the battery power supply was very low and the computer shut off.

Any suggestions?


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    toymakertoymaker Posts: 30member
    Is the machine charging? I'd be getting hold of a known good battery and AC adapter to make sure that yours aren't faulty.
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    Well when it's plugged in the adapter light is amber. I noticed that battery isn't charging, but even when I try to turn it on without the battery I still get no power
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    toymakertoymaker Posts: 30member
    This sort of situation has come up in the past with PBG4's, with the same problems as you're describing.

    Hopefully the problem is with your AC adapter then, but it could be a bunch of things really.

    -The adapter

    -The DC-in board (or I/O board depending on the model of your PB)

    -The Logic Board

    -The Battery

    One way or another, there's no (or not enough) power getting to the Logic Board to keep the mac alive.

    You're probably best off taking it to an apple store and having them look at it. This is one of those "hard to make a diagnosis without seeing it" things unfortunately.
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    go 2 the apple store and it will b fixed
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