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So my MacBook (Running 10.4.11) is freezing at the grey and blue screens the story goes as follows;

1-\tI turned off my computer (Using shutdown not actually just pressing the button) and realized I actually wanted to do one more thing on it

2-\tI turned it back on and it took about 5 minutes to load past the grey then blue screen finally bringing up my wallpaper and but with nothing else. I.e. no dock or any icons. At this point I manually shut if off and turned it back on

3-\tNow whenever I try to turn it back on it takes about 4-5 minutes to load past the grey screen then gets stuck at the blue screen.

I have NOT installed any new software

Any ideas as to why this is happening or how it can be fixed?


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    Freezing at the light blue screen (with no background or login window) suggests that the system is failing to properly load the User Environment (the GUI).

    Try to boot to the install DVD/CD and try to do a disk repair/permissions repair on the internal HDD. If you know a little bit about using the terminal, you can check the system log (or the console, if you can get it to boot) to find out what happened before the shutdown.
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    go 2 the apple store and it will b fixed
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