macbook heating up and turning off

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i have a white macbook 2ghz. sometimes while charging and lid closed it heats up and when i open lid it will not start up from sleep (screen set to sleep, hard drive never sleeps) and i need to power off then on. when it charges and does not get hot (most of the time).... when i open lid it wakes from sleep normally. anyone know what the problem is? battery? fan? about to die? when it is hot i can not wake from sleep by opening lid or hitting space bar.


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    toymakertoymaker Posts: 30member
    If a newer (not sure if it's the same with pre-intel macs) mac laptop gets too hot, it till put itself to sleep to protect itself. It sounds like your problem isn't so much that it won't wake up when asked, it's that the machine is overheating.

    Take a look at your system log to see if this is the case. Look for something along the lines of "emergency overtemp warning, going to sleep".

    First thing is, where are you charging the mac? on a table? on carpet? in a bag? Anywhere with poor air circulation is definately a bad thing.

    -Try charging it with the screen open. That will allow a lot of heat to escape through the keyboard.

    -Can you hear the fan spinning up when the machine is getting hot? if not, there could be a problem with it. (or possibly the temp sensors that should tell the fan to spin up).

    -The battery may be on it's last legs. All batteries will heat up to some degree when they're being charged. If it's excessively hot, it might suggest a problem with it.

    Try running the diagnostics on the install DVDs. They're not an omnipotent cure-all, but they might shed some light on it.
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    chris vchris v Posts: 460member
    The fact that it's overheating while charging, even when asleep makes me worry that either you've got a faulty battery, or perhaps the voltage from the power adaptor is screwed up. My Powerbook stays cool while charging, if it's asleep. 99% of the heat on it comes from the CPU & hard drive.

    I had a power supply go weird in a tower a few years ago, and it cooked an iPod battery before I figured out what was happening.

    I'd say genius bar time, if you're near one.
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    go 2 the apple store and it will b fixed
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