Pro HD Camcorder buying advice

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I am going to work on a documentary and have little skill beyond limited use with a 60 pound Ikegami in a broadcasting job in the 1980s. I have searched for the proper camera to work with and have resolved to buy something with better audio capability than the consumer camcorders so this does not look too much like a home movie.

Members of the staff at several Apple stores have recommended Canon and JVC stating that those cameras are more Mac User-friendly, as opposed to Sony which they claim is not so Mac-friendly. Is this a myth, and why or why not?

Secondly, in searching for the right camera, I have evaluated the whole gamut from the Canon XH A1 up to the JVC HD200U. As a beginner I don?t think I have much business parting with $10,000+ on a complex camera whose capabilities I may never utilize. So I have pared the list of eligible cameras down to the Canon XH A1, XH G1, XL H1A and the JVC HD110U. Is it worth spending an extra couple of thousand on an XL H1A or HD110U over the XH A1 considering the upgrades those models offer?

And finally, should I be looking at comparable models from Sony and what models would they be, despite the advice I have received to steer clear of Sony?
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