Poor iPhone 3g signal strength

in iPhone edited January 2014
Has anyone else been disappointed by the signal strength they have been receiving? I routinely get 1 bar anywhere I go inside my apartment. I know the higher frequency makes it harder to get reception indoors, but there are other 3g phones that I have used on AT&T that get 4-5 bars in my apt. Frankly, I am very disappointed in the signal quality of the iPhone 3g. Apple's boards seem to be filled with similar complaints.


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    jbaughjbaugh Posts: 28member
    The Apple Discussion forum is filled with complaints of poor signal strength. My two new iPhones show poor signal strength and dropped calls when used inside my house. Switching off 3g corrects the poor signal and allows for proper call functioning. But they are completely unreliable in 3g mode.

    Not a happy situation for users or Apple.

    Watch out for big drop in Apple stock when this word gets out. Unless Apple reacts quickly and decisively.

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    I Have the same problem after updating my original iPhone to 2.0. I used to get 54 or 5 bars at home and most other places. I am waiting for my ordered G3 to arrive. When I was in the AT&T store this evening the display G3 got only 3 bars. This in their own store! There should be some kind of software update to help this situation available soon.
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