Idea for more advanced gaming on the iPhone / iPod Touch

in iPhone edited January 2014
In response to an article I saw on TUAW, I was just thinking that a good idea for gaming would be an ergonomically shaped flat object slightly larger than the iPhone that the iPhone (or iPod Touch) 'slots' into, which:

(i) has a mini analogue stick (or cross-pad) on one side

(ii) has a few hardware buttons (how many is up for debate) on the other (maybe some finger buttons too)

(iii) has a battery pack and/or chargeable battery

(iv) has more GB of flash disk space to store games on (using card slots for upgradability?)

(v) could even have extra accelerometer functionality like that new Wii thing, or extra physics chips or something (limited by cost I'm sure)

All designed by Mr Ive himself. Games would be downloaded from the App Store as normal. I think that would sell like crazy and even have a halo effect on mac gaming as developers embrace the OS X frameworks...

The iPlay.

Has this been discussed? Any other ideas?
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