Help FAAST! System preferences crash when opening background and screensaver panel!!

in macOS edited January 2014
So my friend and I played a trick on an intern here at work who just got a new MBP. We swapped his background out for a vista one - real simple, right.

Well, he got back and had a good chuckle about it UNTIL - the system preferences panel crashed after he tried to switch it back.

So here is the only symptom:

Open system preferences

Click "backgrounds and screensaver"

window opens, looks ok

window closes and error screen pops up saying "system preferences unexpectedly closed"

HELP! he is not happy now!


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    jafocajafoca Posts: 3member
    Found the solution - resolved.

    Resolution is to delete desktop.plist and preferences.plist from the USERS library. This will reset preferences, but will allow them to work again.

    be sure to be in the USER config files, not the system wide files.
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