Jaguar Installation?

in macOS edited January 2014
I was just wondering if anybody knows how Jaguar is going to be installed once officially released? I'm expecting a 10.1-like CD distribution, but I would rather have a large Software Update download available to broadband users, but the bandwidth may not allow for that. Fact and speculation welcome!


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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    It probably will require a bootable volume to mess with the System, as it will be such a vast overhaul. Therefore CD.

    As far as price and distribution, the 10.1 upgrade serves as a good model, but it may be even more money than 20 $, and it might not be available for free at retailers.

    My guess: 10$ at retailers, 30$ shipped.
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    beornbeorn Posts: 30member
    Thanks! That's what I was hoping wouldn't be the case, but on second thought the worst case scenario would be that Apple would charge full price ($100 or $100) for the update since it is a major update, so therefore $10 or $20 isn't too big of a deal...
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    nadennaden Posts: 28member
    Jaguar is a paid release.

    Therefore, no download. Only CD.
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