smudges under the glass of iMac screen (Alu/2007)

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Today I made a shocking discovery.

I have strange brown smudges on my display, but under the glass, as I have already tried to remove them with water, and when close up to the iMac, you can see it clearly, that it's not on the glass (at least not on my side of the glass).

Is that some kind of discoloration? Or can dirt actually get in there? What can it be? Has anyone ever encountered such smudges?

On a side note, my old iBook never developed those brown marks, only white spots, but after water flew down the LCD. But it dried away eventually.

Thanks for any input.

Picture taken with camera


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,232moderator
    The glass is just held on with magnets. If you get a suction cup from a hardware store you can just pull the glass right off and clean it.
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    spinnerlysspinnerlys Posts: 218member

    One suction cup would suffice, wouldn't it?

    What about the flat screen? Is it unprotected without the glass?

    And would me doing this void my warranty?

    And how can smudges get under there?
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