Any one got problems running OSX in B&W G3??

in macOS edited January 2014

I got a B&W G3 400, 512 Ram, 30G HD, it meet the requirement from OS X.

While I am trying to install OS X and first run it, it crash and halt with Kernel error

I tried several times, and also tried to remove all add-ons to resume as original shipped machine, the error still occur.

This machine work totally fine with OS 9.2


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    bluejekyllbluejekyll Posts: 103member
    I have a similar machine and I kinda remember having some trouble installing, but that was so long ago that I am not certain. These are things that I would try.

    First clear you PRam. command+option+p+r, at startup.

    Next if you are using scsi, make sure that card is compatable with OS X. Apple stopped supporting a lot of older Scsi cards.

    After that I don't know.
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    obi-dunobi-dun Posts: 19member
    Thank you BlueJekyll, I will try, thank you
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