iPhone 2.0 apps I paid for. List yours, along with a one line review if possible.

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I'll add my reviews when PwnageTool 2.0 is released. For now I'll just list them, with their price in $US.

(please do not list free apps here, listing only paid for apps will be far more enlightening)

Perhaps adding why you wanted the app, or reasons you felt compelled to buy too would be great.

1. Sketches. Bought it by accident, not lol. Literally clicked Buy App by accident. Even more pissed off to find out the price has since changed, making it even cheaper, i.e. a less expensive accident. LINK >>


2. Guitar Toolkit. It was one of the highest rated guitar tuning apps on the US store. What sealed the deal was the fact that I preferred the tuner screenshot for this app, and the fact that its other features looked good too. UI is especially crucial to me on the iPhone. LINK >>


3. Pick&Choose - Groceries. I wanted a decent grocery app, desperately. The fact that this was the highest rated one, and has 5 pretty screenshots pushed me over the edge. Looks great and the price was relatively reasonable. LINK >>


4. Texax Hold'em. Highly rated game by others. Love Texas Hold'em the card game. Worth the risk. LINK >>


5. Tipulator. Looks amazing. Will come in handy. Cheap. LINK >>


6. Trism. I liked Steve Demeter (I think that's how you spell his last name). I liked the beta, and I said I'd support him. He worked hard and this game should be awesome. LINK >>


7. Units. Looks amazing. Was cheap. Reviews are through the roof on this one. Seriously, read them!



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    iphone91iphone91 Posts: 98member
    I have paid for only two apps, because the ones I like are often free.

    1. Super Monkey Ball- $10. I wanted a good, fun game for long plane rides. Monkey Ball was highly rated, so I bought it. I fond it next to impossible to control, and I hardly ever play it. On the other hand, Cube Runner is free, and much more enjoyable IMHO.

    2. MLB At-Bat- $5. I love baseball, and I read reviews that this apps was quick and easy to get scores. It is quick and easy, but very limited in features. I hope that some updates come to increase functionality, or this is not worth the $5.

    Hope this helps.

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    joedrcjoedrc Posts: 86member
    I bought:

    1) Super Monkey Ball - £5.99

    It's fun, challenging and colourful. I love it!

    2) Moo Cow Music Band -£5.99

    Initially fun, I hardly use it now, plus the piano has some out of tune notes on it.

    3) Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart Rally - £5.99

    Favourite so far, easy to learn, easy to control (more so the Super Monkey Ball)

    And If it came out on the DS it'd most likely be about £30 so a bargain in some ways!

    Going to purchase BeatMaker soon, a friend of mine has it on his iPod Touch and its excellent! :]
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,369member
    My suggestion for Appleinsider is to take this idea and run with it. That is an online database of iPhone apps would be something that they could lead with.

    As to Irelands question; sorry no apps yet! IPhone has only been in my hands for a day and a half!

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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    where to----waste

    i want---worth what i paid zilch, useless fluff

    they need to have a trial period how long does it take to figure a keeper

    mac centric sites have their work cut out for them.

    start the reviews soon, you could even ask for donations to help defer the costs

    at least with a ringtone i can preview it before i buy it

    i'm not going to trust the reviews that are provided the apps, some one isn't being honest.

    i need a review site that has integrity the star reviews with the app now are suspect
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    mellomello Posts: 555member
    Beatmaker ($20)

    It's a pretty damn cool sequencer. My only problem is that I can only load one of the five projects

    that I saved. The only other project that I can load is the "Click & Tricks.bm" in the demo folder.
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