AT&T Sending Out Surveys Via Email

in iPhone edited January 2014
I received a request from AT&T corporate to complete a survey this morning.

It was fairly detailed and it would appear to me that they are attempting to put the blame on Apple for the 3G fiasco.

Anyone else get this survey email?


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    justflybobjustflybob Posts: 1,337member
    Has anyone else been sent this email survey from AT&T?

    If so, did you respond?
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    i feel that a survey given this close to a purchase doesn't help any one

    wait a few weeks or months.

    my prediction

    the pluses far outshine the goofs and this phone rocks

    i think expectations run high for us fanboys then reality sets in

    and the pain is forgotten, every time you use it and people smile when they see you using one, that's why i got the white one, nothing else looks like it, i like hearing "it must be that new iphone, oooo ahhh

    can't wait to buy me one, oooooo, ahhhh you lucky stiff'

    now how about that's mine

    had to wait 4 days, a piece of plastic muffled the sound so i couldn't hear it, went to my att store he pulled it off, now stellar. there are some UI goofs that need to be cleaned up, but this thing is absolutely amazing, does more than i thought possible for my phone/ pocket computer (that's what it really is)

    my survey-----who cares i've got one, it works great, my wife is jealous, people oooh and ahhhh thats worth 5 stars. buy one, order one, get one, share the excitement.
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    justflybobjustflybob Posts: 1,337member
    You are entitled to your own opinion, but this survey was much more targeted than what you suggest and the data should help both Apple and AT&T as both more forward with this product.

    Maybe you're pissed because you didn't get invited to participate?
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    justflybobjustflybob Posts: 1,337member
    So let me get this straight....

    NO ONE HERE received an email from AT&T to participate in a survey regarding AT&T service and the Apple iPhone 3G?
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