How do i get VNC Lite to work wiv Leopard?

in iPhone edited January 2014
i have just downloaded vnc lite for my iphone off the app store and cannot get it to work.

I have aNETGEAR wirless hub/router thing.. im not to good with networking, an iMac,and under system prefs > sharing, i have ticked the following... Screen sharing, file sharing, web sharing and internet sharing, i ahve also set up at VNC password and tiicket [VNC Viewers may control screen with password...], i have put the ip address which it says on the screen sharing page in system prefs, into my iphone's vnc lite app, and the VNC server port number is 5900 which is as it was when i opened the app, i have inputted the password and have mac osx server, save password(s) and 32bit color mode all turned on, when i press connect at the top right of the screen, it says VNC Negotiaion and then that's it.... it just keeps doing that, i have no i dea how to get it working can anybody help me?
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