How to convert videos for iPod, iPhone and Apple TV on Mac OS X

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This is the instruction for converting various video formats to most widely used devices such as Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, Apple TV, Sony

PSP, Microsoft Zune and Mobile Phone.

This application is an all-in-one video converting tool that can convert almost all kinds of video formats for your devices. The converting

speed is fast and the quality of output files is excellent. This program is easy-to-use. Please follow the steps below to convert video

between formats effortlessly.

(1)\tDownload Any Video Converter Pro for Mac and install it.

Below is the interface of the program.

As illustrated, the user interface is divided into five parts:

a) Toolbar

With "Add Files" "Remove" "Clear" buttons, you can add, remove or clear the video files. With "Encoding" and "Stop Encoding" buttons, you can

start or stop converting after you add video files; if the buttons are disable, please check whether you have added video files or checked

any file to convert.

b) List

After adding video files to the application, you can get the basic information of the files including duration, video and audio format, video

size and so on.

c) Profile

Here you can choose output video format according to your portable device and change the parameters of the output format if necessary. And

click the "Encoding" button to get your needed files.

d) Preview

You can preview the selected file.

e) Library

With library, you can manage all the files you converted by Any Video Converter Pro for Mac. You can also open the output directory by double

clicking any word within this part.

(2) Click ?Add Files? button to browse the video clips from your local machine. Video formats like AVI, VOB, MOV, WMV, ASF, MPEG-4, 3GP, RM,

RMVB, FLV, MPG, M1v, M2V, etc can be converted by this application. You can also simply drag-and-drop the video files to the application.

(3)\tChoose an output format from the Profile drop-down list in the middle of the application. Mp4 output for iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune and

mobile phone is available. Also MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, AVI, FLV, mobile phone 3GP output formats are available. If you want to share videos on

YouTube, just choose FLV as output format.

(4) Usually, default settings are good enough and they?re recommended. However, you can customize settings completely as you like. Under the

Profile list, you can find General, Video and Audio tabs. Settings as follows can be customized. You can even input a value as you like

except the device only accepts a certain video size.

General tab: Here you can set the Output Filename, Output Directory, Start Time, and Stop Time.

Video tab: Here you can set the Video Codec, Video Size, Video Bitrate, Video Framerate, and decide whether to Keep Aspect or not.

Audio tab: Here you can set the Audio Codec, Audio Bitrate, Sample Rate, Audio Channel, and A/V Sync.

(5) Before conversion, if you want to preview the movie, just select the movie you want to preview and click the play button. There is a

little square mark that you can use to go backward or forward.

(6) There are also some more options. Click top left Any Video Converter Pro > Preferences, a Preference window will appear:

Default Output Directory: Here you can define the default output folder where the output files are located.

Recursive While Import Files: Check this option if you want to import the video files which are in the subfolders of current folder.

Overwrite Files While Converting: This option will automatically overwrite the previous converted file if there is a file with the same name.

Log: Select this option if you want to keep the logging info, for the analyses for future use. You can also change its path.

(7) Now, click ?Encoding? button to start the converting. Within the Library, Unconverted/Converting shows videos added to the application.

You can directly reach a certain output format by clicking the format in Converted list. Double click on these lists, and Any Video Converter

Pro for Mac will lead you to the output directory. Now you can transfer the converted video(s) to your target device and enjoy!
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