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I'm thinking about getting a new macbook and a new iPod. And my plan is to wait until the updates come out and then see if i like the updates (which i probably will) and if i dont then the current versions will be discounted so either way ill be getting a good deal.

Now i need to decide what to get. Thats where input would be helpful.


Macbook or Macbook Air ?

iPod Classic or iPod Touch or *New iPod* ?

Please add your opinion and anything you know about the upcoming releases of these different items.




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    I currently have a Santa Rosa MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz 15" LED and I'm mulling over the idea of picking up a new MacBook / MacBook Air when both are officially updated.

    I personally believe it will come down to how much you want to spend and if you really need an optical drive. For me personally, I believe an updated Air will be the better system for me than a MacBook....I want the thinness, I want the much more lightweight package and I dont use my optical drive very often on my Pro to begin with so that is no loss. If they put a 128GB SSD in the Air for the next upgrade, I cant see a reason why you shouldnt consider one (Unless cost is an issue). The hard drive size and speed is the main fallback of the unit as it currently stands in my eyes, other than that its damn near perfect. (Sure maybe a 2nd USB port wouldnt hurt either). An Air with a 128GB SSD, Improved Video, Montevina, Higher Clock speeds would really float alot of peoples boats.
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    trobertstroberts Posts: 702member
    You need to think about how you are going to use the computer and iPod. If I had the money I would get the MacBook Air, once it got a 100GB+ SSD, and an iPod touch for music, photos, games. Of Course, if there are any useful applications in the iTunes App Store I would probably use them too, but I do not see myself putting iCal, Mail, or Address Book information on the iPod touch.

    Reasons for MacBook Air:
    1. You will use it for basic things like email, surfing the web, iPhoto, iTunes, MS Office, iWork, etc.

    2. Light weight.

    3. You do not need a lot of disk storage.

    4. Solid State Drive (i.e. no movable parts, a.k.a. hard drive crash)

    Reasons for getting a MacBook
    1. FireWire port.

    2. A second USB port.

    3. Twice as much RAM.

    4. Faster processors

    5. 3x more storage.

    6. Easy to swap batteries.

    7. Built-in optical drive

    8. Audio input jack

    Reason for getting an iPod classic:
    1. Has a lot of storage.

    2. You will not be using the internet.

    3. You will not be using software from the iTunes Apps Store.

    4. Able to change songs and volume without needing to look at the interface.

    5. Used mainly for music and photos.

    Reason for getting an iPod touch:
    1. No moving parts.

    2. You will be using the internet.

    3. You will be using software from the iTunes Apps Store.

    4. Larger screen for watching videos.

    5. Music and photos are "secondary" features.

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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    As an Apple shareholder I encourage you to buy several of as many different Apple products as you can afford.
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    Thanks a lot for the help, i think im leaning towards the air in the notebook match up, hopefully a price cut is also in the future!

    My current music library is 5 GB without any movies videos etc. So a touch would probably do rather than a classic but i would like the ability to change music without looking as id use it more as a media player than for youtube safari etc.

    i dont think id miss the optical drive in the air anyways, where the remote disk feature is available. so hopefully the new air and the new touch are updated positively.

    thanks a lot for the help!
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    bsenkabsenka Posts: 799member
    Originally Posted by Xxplosive View Post

    iPod Classic or iPod Touch or *New iPod* ?

    I have a 160GB Classic, a 16GB Touch, a 1 GB Shuffle, and a 2 GB Nano. I use them all depending on what I'm doing.

    The Classic is amazing for being able to take everything with you. You don't have to think about what to load onto it, just leave it set to sync when you plug in. This is the one I take to work, and use in the car. It's by far the most versatile iPod, but the weight can be a problem. I tried using it while doing stair sprints for instance, and I felt like it was going to fly off as it banged around and generally annoyed the heck out of me. I highly recommend the Classic, just not as your only iPod.

    The shuffle is the best thing ever for using when on the move/exercising. The tactile buttons allow you to use it without breaking stride, something that is nearly impossible with the other iPod models. And it weighs next to nothing and has a built in clip, so it doesn't bounce around on you when you're running. Capacity is low enough that a quick reload is not a hassle, especially if you have your "on the go" playlists already set. I highly recommend the Shuffle, just not as your only iPod.

    The Touch is the coolest in terms of features, and most fun to use when just sitting still. If games and other third party applications are important to you, this is the one to get. If you have kids, this is the one they will want. For me though, the Touch screen makes it nothing but annoying to try to use when on the move. You have to stop and look at it, because there is no tactile feedback of any kind with a touch screen. I highly recommend the Touch, just not as your only iPod.

    The Nano probably best bridges the gap between all of the other models. Small and light enough to stay put when in motion, full featured enough to do almost everything you need an iPod to do, and the clickwheel provides just enough feedback that you can use it without looking. The lower capacity can be a problem, but it is large enough to at least load a few days worth of listening at a time. If you only plan on getting one iPod, the Nano is the best bang for your buck.
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    iphone91iphone91 Posts: 98member
    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    As an Apple shareholder I encourage you to buy several of as many different Apple products as you can afford.

    Good call.

    But, more on topic, I see the MacBook moving in the direction of the Air. Not as thin, but with the tapered edges and that Aluminum shell. To me, the MacBook with look a lot like the Air, but thicker, with an optical drive, and the features that a previous poster mentioned. I would get the new MacBook because if the extra ports and optical drive, but that's just me. And iPod Touch, once it has 64 GB.

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