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Are you trying to make the cool video like this?

The amazing and funny video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/supermac18

Do you like this? To be honest, I was really surprised and attracted by the boy?s multivariate voice at first sight of the video. Then I got it. The voice isn?t his, just graft other?s song. But still I admire his marvelous and impressed performance. Actually he acts two characters in the video.

I would like to make my own one like this as well. Actually, the video needs two editing functions to complete. One is to add the video in front of another. The other one is to replace the original audio. Searching Google for the editing and conversion tool, I choose appropriate one to download, not very expensive, many editing functions, and easy to use. It is Moyea Flash Video MX.

Add the video in front of another or at the back and replace the video:

1. Install the program and launch it:

2. Click the folder icon to import the files on PC into the program.

3. Add the prelude and curtain for the video and replace the audio:

In ?Misc? part, click the ?text icon? to import the prelude video and the curtain video into the software. And then you can use the same way to input the prepared audio file to replace the original one. Until here, the wanted effects have been reached.

Then click next to choose the skin, preloader and some settings about the player.

4. Click Start button to convert videos like AVI, MPEG, MP4, MOV, WMV, etc into FLV or SWF. You can embed them into your personal page or your own blog to share with thousands of people around the world.

You can try to make the video like this. Properly you will find the new discovery. By using the tool, I also find other functions, like watermark adding, subtitle inserting, and choosing different controls. If anyone has the marvelous videos, send the link here. Share!


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    loginnloginn Posts: 1member
    interested in adding the subtitle to the video.

    what format does the program support to input?
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