Problem with albums downloaded from iStore

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Some time ago I downloaded an album of piano music, for information Schubert Impromptus payed by Mitsuko Uchida - no problem. Yesterday I decided to buy an album of the same music but played by a different pianist, Radu Lupu. The download went ok and the album appears in the coverflow. But for some reason, the pieces in the album are by the other artist, Mitsuko Uchida. The song durations are exactly the same although when I play them from the 'Store Purchased' list they are indeed the Radu Lupu versions! When I select a piece in the Radu Lupu album (on my ipod) the album artwork immediately jumps to the Mitsuko Uchida artwork and her music is played. I hope all this is clear! Does anyone have any idea what may be wrong, before i resort to contacting iTunes store? Could this be a sorting problem, somehow? If so, how should I proceed so that the two albums don't get mixed up?

Thanks in advance


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    cruisercruiser Posts: 17member
    Can anyone help? Baically, everything's ok in iTunes on my PC - it's only when the iPod is synchronized that I have a problem. btw it's a nano 3g
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    areseearesee Posts: 776member
    Try altering the name of one of the albums.

    What happens when you select the album by name in iTunes? Do you get both albums showing up in your list?
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