Is my Yahoo Mail Push Working Correctly?

in iPhone edited January 2014
I have a first generation iPhone that I just activated last week. It's a brand new phone.

I've updated it to 2.0.

I only use Yahoo Mail which is set to push. Hours will go by, most of the time, without any new mail getting to me, yet if I check it on my pc or Mac, there will be mail sitting there that never was pushed to me.

Other times, though very seldom, the push sends me the email to my iPhone, before I see it on my pc or Mac.

Is this working correctly? Am I doing something wrong? Or, am I expecting too much?

I really don't mind fetching the mail myself "on demand", but it seems like they should get to me soon after Yahoo recieves them, if it's set to push.


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    Yeah I thought it was just me but I have the same problem too
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    The Yahoo Push Mail has never really worked for me...I have to wonder if they actually meant push. I would suggest using a different service (MobileMe, or better yet an Exchange account) or else don't expect Push Yahoo Mail to work.
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