no data services despite WiFi

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At home my AT&T signal sucks so I'm relying on my WiFi. I have a full signal (the router is right beside me) but nothing is connecting. No Mail, no Safari, no Weather no data services period. Just the spinning circle before telling me the server isn't responding.

I tried restarting.

Right now I even have 3 AT&T bars, but no E or 3G.

It gets stranger because when I use the neighbors wireless (with a weaker signal) the connection works. My laptop is working fine with my own wireless.

What gives?


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    zoczoc Posts: 77member
    Check that your router does not have MAC address filter enabled and that DHCP is enabled instead of manual IP address assignment.
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    jasonfjjasonfj Posts: 556member
    MAC filtering is off, DHCP enabled. I have two TiVo boxes using my wireless as well. It does seem to be something to do with the iPhone.
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    cdjoycdjoy Posts: 6member
    Are you getting a Wi-Fi signal strength indicator on the menu bar? Or, are you only seeing one when you are setting up the Wi-Fi? Do you get an IP address? I too had an issue similar to yours when I brought home my new iPhone, try this.

    Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Choose your network and click directly on the name of it towards the middle of the screen, not on the blue arrow to the right. This should ask you for your wireless password, enter it and see whether you now get an IP and signal on the top menu bar.
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    jasonfjjasonfj Posts: 556member
    yep, everything is in order - I signed in with my password, the signal is there and it shows an IP address. Still no data:

    "Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding" on every site I try.
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    areseearesee Posts: 776member
    What's your wireless basestation? Maybe it has a firewall and you need to open up some ports.
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    jasonfjjasonfj Posts: 556member
    it's a Belkin 54g. What should I look for?
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    I had the same exact problem. Actually I still have the problem, but I "fixed" it by just setting up my wifi with a static ip address. I have a dlink 54 G router and all my other devices work fine (ps3 wireless, 3 laptops mac and pc, and even my zune).

    For now, just give your iphone a static address and same subnet and router settings as other wireless devices in house. That's a temporary fix until someone figures out why some wife networks aren't showing up (even though they're open)
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    jasonfjjasonfj Posts: 556member
    I get confused with static IP addresses - What do I need to do?
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