restore moblieme or sync to a previous date

in Mac Software edited January 2014
i have (lucky me) 5 macs, 2 iphones sync and mobile me is great

saves my wife much grief with the calendar BUT

yesterday someone pushed a button and put old data on the server, then it re-synced my macbook and both iphones which were set to automatic. (i changed admin access for that person, who won't be mentioned honey bunny)

but is there a way to restore the sync to a previous date, time??

losing ALL my data almost made me faint--i rescued some of it since one of my imacs was on manual sync which i did 2 days ago, and fixed 95% of the problem. fixed it (partially) put all macs on "manual" and changed admin prefs.

can't you save to idisk or have a restore date/ time as a back up to avoid mess-should be able to backup your last 3 syncs.

BEWARE--this could easily happen to you, as your mac centric stuff grows so does the potential for major mess.

also, how do you manually sync your iphone?, i had to delete my mobile me acct and redo it for the sync to start. it's set to push, and fetch 15 min it would be nice to have a "sync now" button
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