MacBook Pro battery issues

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Anyone have any experience going to Apple with a battery that is out of the warrenty period but is clearly defective by how quickly it declined?

My battery has less than 300 cycles on it, has less than 50% of original capacity and is already in a check battery state. I remember some recalls back when but do not know to which models and batteries they were targeted. Any help is appreciated.


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    go 2 the apple store and it will b fixed
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    Originally Posted by brinkjj2 View Post

    go 2 the apple store and it will b fixed

    I have the same problem. Gone to the apple store and the guy told me to recalibrate the battery. He said my warranty is over so they cant replace the battery. new battery goes for $130.

    Not very happy as you can tell, and from what I've been reading around lots of MBP batteries have had that issue
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    hey hey. if my computer is still under warranty, (for 2 more days) can i go into an apple store and request a new battery if mine has the same problem? it dies after like 5 minutes if not plugged in.
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    Those of you with MacBooks and MacBook Pros purchased between Feb '06 and April '07 should grab this update. There's some problem with these notebooks that occasionally makes it so that your battery won't charge, won't recognize, or reports a low charge when it's fully charged and has a battery cycle count of less than 300. Oh, and those deformed MacBook Pro batteries? That's caused by this too.



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    My year old MBP has a battery issue as well. It charges, says full and only shows 2hrs on it. Unplug and run it, then it shuts down without warning after 10-15 minutes. Not pleased at all. Apple has totally ignored this issue, IMO.
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