iTunes 7.7.1 creating iPhone Sync Problems

in iPhone edited January 2014
Great! Just when I had all the songs I wanted, Apps I wanted, etc., Apple releases iTunes 7.7.1 and my syncing/backups go all to helz and back.

Anyone else having the following issues:

1) Devices just shows my iPhone as if it were brand new - no categories or tabs to tell you what your current settings are.

2) No matter which Backup I use to attempt a restore, I am left with the same basic restore screen and now do not have a single iTunes file on the iPhone.

3) Multiple Restores have done nothing to correct the problem.


Someone? Anyone? A link if you please to the older iTunes? Thanks!


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    justflybobjustflybob Posts: 1,337member
    I found the link in iTunes Support to allow me to reinstall the older 7.7.0 iTunes.

    Once I reinstalled it, I plugged my iPhone in and it synced perfectly.

    Geez, Louise Apple! Is this your idea of progress?
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    justflybobjustflybob Posts: 1,337member
    Mind you, this was BEFORE the 2.01 firmware came out.

    Once I updated the firmware, everything went smoothly and I haven't had this problem since.
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