fatal error on upgrade to 2.01 now problems restoring ...help

in iPhone edited January 2014
hi all

first post here.

I went to upgrade my phone to 2.01 this morn, all fine until it errors saying that it cant complete due to unknown error. The phone then just sits there with the apple egg time / wheel on its screen, left it for 30 mins, no joy so reset it.

Came back on with the initial start up screen of a new iphone - connect to Itunes etc.

Did this, and selected the 'restore phone from my last backup'. Its completed this, however the phone has now sat on 'sync in progress' for the past 2 hrs. On Itunes its gone back to the screen saying 'set up your iphone' only options for ' set up new iphone' or restore from backup' and the continue button.

Anyone else experienced this? Should I just leave the phone to hopefully finish syncing - seems like its had plenty of time already? I can cancel the sync by sliding the bar, which (i've tried before) gives me all the apps, but no music or photos. And of course if I reconnect to Itunes i simply get the 'Set up your Iphone' screen.

Any help appreciated

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