August 6th: Mobile Me issues I've discovered

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1. Time support bug (for where I live). Put time on one hour and the calendars correctly move up and hour. Set time support back to GMT (my zone, back one hour) and they move back "2" hours. This is a bug.

2. Now the iPhone calendars colors have disappeared completely. On they are colored, on iCal they've a different color, and on the iPhone calendar events have "no" colors now.

And in the calendar app on iPhone:

That "calendars" button (top left) has completely disappeared. I deleted my iPhone "me" account and re-added it. Nothing, still the same. I'm posiitive I've the iPhone set up perfectly, but something's gone bad.

Great, great service Apple!

OK, I've discovered some stuff about my findings.

The colors disappear because I had went to one "calendar" in iCal (from two). So even if that calendar is "red" in iCal and Mobile me (and you've only one calendar, not including the ones you've subscribed to like Birthdays and national holidays on the iPhone, up top instead the calendar name written "across" the top, i.e. "my work stuff"... "calendar" will be written across there. Which makes sense, but I don't think they should ditch the color-tagging (not showing any) even with only one calendar (though I have more, I'll get to that), because you could be used to a certain color representing a certain type of task or a particular calendar in your life. So, not exactly bug, but a bad design decision IMO.

Having one calendar obviously gets rid of the "calendars" button, because there is only one. Yet there isn't really only one, I have other subscription calendars in iCal like birthday calendars, and national holiday calendars. The really annoying thing about all this is before Mobile me was on my iPhone "all" my calendars were on my iPhone, now only one is. Apparently Apple think Mobile Me customs don't want to know who's birthday it is, and whether it's a national holiday or not, while on the move? Stupid.

The time support bug is a definite bug though. And yes, and I always report annoying bugs to the big Apple.
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