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When, oh when is Apple going to include a comprehensive merge feature in Pages. Yeah, I know we can merge Address Book fields into Pages docs, and that's cool and works flawlessly. But I've got literally 100s of WriteNow template docs and data docs that I created back in the mid-1980s to use in my estate planning practice - wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care surrogates and tons of forms letters we use every day.

But the era of OS 9 applications like WriteNow and INControl which have been orphaned and un-supported for at least 12 years and Classic mode is soon to end. And here I am tied to the proverbial wagon wheel unless Apple completes Pages as a comprehensive office word processor by adding a full featured merge function.

With the release of Bento, I thought it would be the companion data base for mergeable template documents in Pages, but I can haven't seen anything that looks like it. Please Apple, get on the stick and get a release of Pages out with a full featured merge function in it to save us long time, loyal Apple fans from the horror of having to use MS Word as a primary word processing application.


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    If you want an excellent program with mail merge and avoid MS Word, then consider Nisus Writer Pro 1.1. You'll find the simplicity of WriteNow (I used it for several years in the 1990's) and the power of the old Nisus Classic in a modern OS X program. Indexing and cross-referencing make it even more valuable. At the price $79 US, it is very reasonable.
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    Thanks, GS, for the heads up. I had evaluated Nisus Writer Express a few years ago, but it didn't have merge capabilities. I will download a trial version of Pro this weekend. This could be our salvation. … But I do really like Pages also because it has page layout capabilities and is a very nice word processor. Ah choices.

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