My song list on Ipod will not download. New additions will!

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I have a reasonable number of tracks on my ipod and have been merrily adding to the list and downloading to my 80GB Ipod for some time.

I have had some work done on my PC and the engineer was careful to work around the ipod files so as not to disturb them.

Something seems to have happened to the list. I had problems downloading from the PC. Tried everything with the Ipod.

A long time ago I had a different problem with the Ipod and reset it to Factory settings and loaded again. Worked very well.... no problems.

So having explored every non violent means to put it right I decided that resetting would be the thing. I emptied the Ipod and now I find that the list will not download. I don't think I have changed any settings.

But the Ipod will accept new music! No problems.

To me it seems that I have somehow changed the list.

I can't see what I have done. The Itunes is pointing to towards the correct directory.

Any ideas please.



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    jrkjrk Posts: 27member
    Due to some work on my PC some of the sound files had been corrupted. Now replaced or deleted and we are off and running again.
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