ATSC Tuners-Please share.

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I submitted my information, received my two cards and bought two boxes, one from Walmart and one from Best Buy to compare the two.

I stomped upstairs, plugged it into the television and attached some rabbit ears. I wasn't expecting much as said that all the broadcast stations were 65 miles away from me. I picked up 54 digital channels.

The picture quality and sound are profoundly better. The entire experience is better and this is coming from someone who was skeptical about the change over. The beginnings of something very cool are definitely there. Several of the sub-channels were simply duplicating the main channel, hopefully ready for original programming when the change-over date gets closer. All the PBS channels have done a great job with this and have 3-4 channels all showing different programming. Most have one channel exclusively devoted to programming for children. I could watch their Create channel for several hours on end.

I've read about some fledgling syndication type networks and programming starting to come together. In my area around 35% of the channels are foreign language.

With a little more work I could see this easily becoming the free version of basic cable that has disappeared in most areas. Back when I subscribed to television, I ordered analog for the entire house and left it at that. As they began replacing decent channels with public access, etc. I dropped it due to the decline in value. They wanted me to go to digital with a per set fee for the box, but I would not shell out for all those little extra per television fees. This could come close and be free as well.

Of the two tuners, I like the Best Buy Insignia Converter Box over the RCA Digital TV Converter Box. It is quicker, allows tuning in channels more easily (signal button) and has some guide-like features.

Anyone else get their coupons, buy a converter box or use the tuner in a new television to get over the air reception in their area? What are your thoughts on what is available and do you see anything happening there that might be taken nationwide? I can't imagine why a TNT, USA Network or other similar channels wouldn't lease some of these sub-channels to broaden their audience.
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