Any word on a black Apple TV?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
This seems trivial, and probably is, but I've recently started seriously thinking about buying an Apple TV (I live in the UK, and the UK movie store on iTunes is finally improving) and one little thing holding me back is the colour of the thing.

I know it's silly, but aesthetics do matter and my entire home cinema set-up, from the Pioneer KURO plasma to the PS3, X360 Elite, Pioneer amp, speakers and even the glass rack it all sits on is black. Even my digital cable box is black!

So my question is, are there any rumours to suggest Apple may offer a black Apple TV at some point? They offer a black iPhone, a black MacBook, and the iMac is half black now.. so it can't be too hard surely to make a black Apple TV?

Thanks all.


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