NEED HELP!! BLACK MacBook OR MacBook Pro???

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I need some help!

Which is better the black macbook or the 15" (17" is 2 big 4 me) macbook pro?

What are the pro's/con's of each and is the MBP worth the extra $700?

I would use the com for School work, Browsing the internet (emails, youtube etc), playing some (but not many) games as well as Storing/editing video's and pictures and watching dvd's....

Which would be better for that?? I love the sound/look of the MBP but have heard some bad things about it (however that was a while ago so don't know if these things have been fixed) so was not sure which one would be best???



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    bclapperbclapper Posts: 237member
    Depends how much picture and video editing you'll do but the dedicated graphics card of the Pro would be more up to the task
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    Eve though a lot of people ave suggested the MB I think I will go with the MBP! Its just awesome!!
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