Error -36 xferring from Western Digital 500 GB

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So I sent my 15 inch macbook pro into apple for repairs, got it back with everything replaced except for the hard drive and the optical drive. I booted everything up to restore my files from my external. I start trying to transfer things over and accidentally delete everything on the backup in my user folder (library, music, videos). So I get data rescue and try to find the deleted files, but it tells me it will take between 100 and 10000 hours, so I cancel it.

At this point, I decide I am just happy transferrinng my work and applications over. As soon as I do, it stops on certain files and gives me error code -36 cannot read or write. I run disk utility and disk warrior, get everything fixed and verified no problems. Whenever I try to transfer anything, it stops on the same files and gives me that error code. There is no way to avoid the files on which it stops, as they are random and seem to be a good number of them.

Any ideas?


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    kmac1036kmac1036 Posts: 281member
    the drive is dying. you might be able to fix it long enough to recover the data with spinrite, but this requires a PC & $80.

    Drive Genius is about the same price for the mac version.

    That's about all you can do.
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