Some simple problems that I have experienced

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If I play a track in Ipod. I can see no way of stopping it. I can pause it, I can play but cannot see a 'stop' facility. I am sure that I was able to do that before my big problem with the PC.

Secondly when I insert a CD in my system, I used to be able to choose when to start the copying to my Ipod. It enabled me to select tracks I did not want and so on.

I have been into the advanced menu. I have it checked to eject as copying finishes. I have the box play songs while importing unchecked but still, as soon as I insert a CD it starts to copy.

What am I missing please.


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    Go to Preferences-->Advanced-->Importing and change the "On CD Insert" option to "Show CD" instead of "Import CD".
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    jrkjrk Posts: 27member
    Thank you for not jumping on me for being thick. Your help appreciated.
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