Does the iPod Photo give a hint to how things are going to go?

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I ask the question in the subject thread as the iPod Photos was a transition product - the new iPod at a premium before it became the standard. If Apple are planning an upgrade to the iPod line then is it likely to be a wholesale move to the touch model, renamed iPod, and the dropping of the iPod classic?

If we were to take that further, along with the supposed images of the new Macbook cases, could the Macbook Air have been a test bed for the technology or form factor of the new laptop line? In which case maybe the Macbook Air could simply be the new Macbook, witht he Pro giving high power and a disc drive? Or the Macbook the air with a slot load disc drive? I'm just speculating as we all are, but I do wonder if the new machines are to take so any cues from the Air where that leaves it.


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    kotatsukotatsu Posts: 1,010member
    I doubt they will get rid of the hard disk based iPods completely until flash can offer as much storage. Flash is getting there, but it's still got a little way to go.
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