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Hi.. I needed some buyin advise on Mac book Pros.

I have heard that apple is goin to take out a newer version soon.So is it worth waitin for i mean how long will i hav to delay?If i waited for the new ones wht will be the price diff fr th e existin ones?

PLzzz advise.


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    Welcome to the forums.

    If you need a computer now, then buy, otherwise wait a month or two to see what the new models offer, and at what price. If you are not impressed with the updated models you could get the "old" for a discount. The last time the MacBook Pro was updated the price stayed the same but the specs were improved (i.e. doubled the VRAM, larger hard drives).

    Go to to see a history of updates to Mac products.

    Go to to see a detailed list of the base models that Apple has offered throughout the years.
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