3G connectivity issues appear to be blamed on Apple.

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Looks initially as the connectivity issues are blamed on Apple.



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    The antenna is on the bottom. Hold the phone on the top.
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    Can you manually switch 3G off so only work in 3G/EDGE if you want?
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    Originally Posted by bavlondon2 View Post

    Can you manually switch 3G off so only work in 3G/EDGE if you want?

    Yup. Settings, general, network, "enable 3G" set to off.
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    Cool thanks. Althouth I dont really want to do that i think when I get mine I will have to turn of 3G for when I am not using it.
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    What's Behind the iPhone 3G Glitches

    The news reinforces analysis by Richard Windsor of Nomura Securities, who said in an Aug. 12 report that the problem involves a communications chip made by Munich-based Infineon Technologies (IFX). Faulty software on the chip causes problems when the iPhone needs to switch from wireless networks that allow for faster Web downloads to slower ones, the people say.

    One source says the problem lies squarely with Infineon's technology, which is fairly new and untested in high volumes outside a lab setting. Not only is the iPhone shipping in much higher volumes than other handsets, it's also gobbling up far more 3G minutes as owners use it to surf the Web, watch YouTube (GOOG) videos, and utilize other bandwidth-hogging services.

    Apple and Infineon are currently testing the fix, which will be included in a broader update of the iPhone's software.

    Nomura's Windsor notes that the glitches are reminiscent of the problems carriers had with handsets from Nokia (NOK) and other manufacturers earlier in the decade when they were rolling out their 3G networks in Europe, adding that they may not have a lasting impact on Apple's reputation, especially if the company is able to avoid a recall.
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    Originally Posted by sapporobaby View Post

    Even more news:


    Seriously, you actually READ articles posted on a web site owned by Microsoft?
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